Prospective Students

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I may be accepting one new M.Sc. student for a Fall 2022 or Winter 2023 start. The M.Sc. project would be supported by my NSERC Discovery Grant and would focus on cleaning or protective symbioses involving invertebrates (with the invertebrates being the host, the symbiont, or both).  Examples of symbioses being studied by my current students are feather mites and birds, snails and oligochaetes, and crayfish and branchiobdellid worms. If you are interested in applying, first make sure that you are qualified to do a Master’s degree in my department (information is here and here). After you have confirmed that you are qualified, please send me your cv, unofficial transcript and a short description of why you are interested in cleaning or protective symbioses, plus one or more ideas for feasible research projects. If I invite you to submit a full application, the deadline for all documents to be received by my department and the University of Alberta will be late January 2022 for a September 2022 start. Admission to our graduate program is competitive, so if I invite you to submit an application it is not a guarantee of a position.

Undergraduate students – project courses for 2021-2022 (e.g., Biol 399, Biol 498, etc.): my lab is currently full. Please check back here in April 2022 if you’re interested in doing a graded project course in the 2022-23 academic year. But first, check out my graduate students and my publications to get an idea of the type of work we do in my lab and whether it’s the sort of thing you find exciting!

Undergraduate students – field and lab assistants for May-August 2022: I am looking for a field/lab technician for the summer of 2022. Requirements: a driver’s license. Ideal candidates would also have experience with dissecting and compound microscopy, and at least one invertebrate biology course (e.g., Zool 250, any entomology course).

Last modified 12 October 2021