Christiane Uherek

Successfully Defended 26 September 2016

Christiane Uherek photo 3

Christiane completed her M.Sc. under the joint supervision of Drs. Bill Tonn and Heather Proctor. Her research focused on aquatic invertebrates and on key components of stream habitat structure and function, to assess the effects of a habitat compensation project in a headwater lake-stream system in the Canadian Barrenlands, using a Before-After-Control-Impact (BACI) study design. As compensation for mining activities, Diavik Diamond Mine Inc. modified a natural lake-outlet stream, West Island Stream, which had originally been mostly impassable to fish. The objectives of the project were to improve ecological connectivity between Lac de Gras and West Island Lake and provide spawning and rearing habitat, especially for Arctic Grayling. Her research documented the invertebrate assemblages, ecological characteristics, and the effects of increasing the connectivity of a freshwater ecosystem in the Canadian Barrenlands, and improved our understanding about the structure and function of headwater lake-stream systems in this region.