About the Proctor Lab

**if you are interested in doing research in the Proctor Lab, please check the Prospective Students page to see if there are openings available**

Research in the Proctor Lab is diverse! There are only two rules: you have to work on more than one species at the same time, and at least one of your focal taxa has to be too small to see without using a dissecting scope. Recent research questions include:

  • how do symbiotic annelids affect their freshwater snail hosts?
  • what do feather mites eat?
  • how well do soil mites reflect boreal forest disturbance?
  • do pigeons and their feather lice show similar population genetic structure?
  • does genetic diversity of acanthocephalan parasites of amphipods increase with age of water bodies?Proctor lab at Faculty Club 18 Aug 2017

Proctor Lab students discussing science at the University Club in the good ol’ pre-COVID days

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