Alberta feather mite taxonomic tree

Created by Arnika Oddy-van Oploo

Click to expand the taxonomic tree. Within genera, click on male or female for an image. Images are examples only, and do not represent the full morphological diversity of the genus.
Superfamily Analgoidea
  Family Alloptidae
    Subfamily Alloptinae

        Genus Alloptes (male from Short-billed Dowitcher, female from Common Loon)
        Genus Dinalloptes (male from Double-crested Cormorant)
        Genus Psilobrephosceles (male, female from Sora Rail)

  Family Analgidae
    Subfamily Analginae

        Genus Analges (male from Baltimore Oriole, female from Chipping Sparrow)
        Genus Anhemialges (male, female from Tree Swallow)

    Subfamily Anomalginae

        Genus Strelkoviacarus (male, female from Spruce Grouse)

    Subfamily Megniniinae

        Genus Megninia (male, female from Spruce Grouse)
        Genus Megniniella (male, female from Sora Rail)
        Genus Metanalges (male, female from Sora Rail)

  Family Avenzoariidae
    Subfamily Avenzoariinae

        Genus Avenzoaria (male, female from Short-billed Dowitcher)
        Genus Bregetovia (male from Sharp-shinned Hawk, female from unknown host)
        Genus Bychovskiata (male, female from Black-bellied Plover)
        Genus Pseudavenzoaria (male from Solitary Sandpiper)

    Subfamily Bonnetellinae

        Genus Bdellorynchus (male, female from Blue-winged Teal)
        Genus Pandionacarus (male, female from Osprey)
        Genus Scutomegninia (male, female from Double-crested Cormorant)
        Genus Zachvatkinia (male, female from Franklin’s Gull)

  Family Dermationidae

        Genus Passeroptes (male from Downy Woodpecker, female from Bohemian Waxwing)

  Family Dermoglyphidae

        Genus Dermoglyphus (female from Red-winged Blackbird)
        Genus Paralges (male from Herring Gull, female from American Robin)

  Family Epidermoptidae

        Genus Microlichus (male from Northern Flicker, female from American Robin)
        Genus Myialges (female from hippoboscid fly that was feeding on passerine bird)

  Family Proctophyllodidae
    Subfamily Proctophyllodinae

        Genus Nycteridocaulus (male from Eastern Kingbird)
        Genus Proctophyllodes (male, female from Swainson’s Thrush)
        Genus Tyranniphyllodes (male, female from Least Flycatcher)

    Subfamily Pterodectinae

        Genus Amerodectes (male from Baltimore Oriole, female from Swainson’s Thrush)

  Family Psoroptoididae

        Genus Mesalgoides (male, female from Evening Grosbeak)

  Family Pteronyssidae

        Genus Neopteronyssus (male, female from Hairy Woodpecker)
        Genus Pteronyssus (male, female from Yellow-bellied Sapsucker)
        Genus Scutulanyssus (male, female from Tree Swallow)
        Genus Stenopteronyssus (male, female from Northern Flicker)
        Genus Sturnotrogus (male, female from European Starling)

  Family Trouessartidae

        Genus Trouessartia (male, female from Yellow Warbler)

  Family Xolalgidae
    Subfamily Ingrassiinae

        Genus Analloptes (male, female from Osprey)
        Genus Fainalges (male, female from Cooper’s Hawk) Note: identification is uncertain
        Genus Gymnalloptes (male, female from American Coot)
        Genus Ingrassia (male, female from Franklin’s Gull)
        Genus Metingrassia (male, female from Double-crested Cormorant)

    Subfamily Xolalginae

        Genus Ingrassiella (male, female from Gray Catbird)
        Genus Xolalges (male from Tree Swallow)
        Genus Xolalgoides (male from Tree Swallow)

Superfamily Pterolichoidea
  Family Freyanidae
    Subfamily Freyaninae

        Genus Freyana (male homeomorph, male heteromorph, female from Blue-winged           Teal)

    Subfamily Michaeliinae

        Genus Michaelia (male, female from Double-crested Cormorant)

  Family Gabuciniidae

        Genus Gabucinia (male, female from Common Raven)
        Genus Proaposolenidia (male, female from Cooper’s Hawk)

  Family Kramerellidae

        Genus Kramerella (male, female from Boreal Owl)
        Genus Petitota (male, female from Boreal Owl)
        Genus Pseudogabucinia (male, female from Sandhill Crane)

  Family Pterolichidae
    Subfamily Pterolichinae

        Genus Grallobia (male, female from American Coot)
        Genus Grallolichus (male, female from American Coot)
        Genus Pseudalloptes (male from Gray Partridge)
        Genus Pseudalloptinus (male, female from Bald Eagle)
        Genus Pseudolichus (male, female from Gray Partridge)
        Genus Tetraolichus (male from Ruffed Grouse, female from Spruce Grouse)

  Family Ptiloxenidae

        Genus Ptiloxenus (male, female from Red-necked Grebe)
        Genus Sokoloviana (male, female from Killdeer)

  Family Syringobiidae

        Genus Megasyringobia (female from Solitary Sandpiper)


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